Family Research in the Saarland

Searching for your Roots

You are interested in the history of your ancestors and want to know who and if need be, where they lived previously?

The fascinating research of ones own roots is full of surprises.  When one moves into the area of ones ancestors then many questions arise.

Did people live happier than today?  What was the fate of that person?  Which profession did someone practise? What were their passions? Who emigrated and to where?

It is always exciting to get to the bottom of the meaning of family names and their history.

The SHS Foundation would like to help with your research.  We can provide you with the contact details of the most important Saarland Genealogy Clubs or provide you with addresses that will really help you with your research.

Are you looking for a particular source or archive?
We can name you competent contacts for your family research.

We can also provide a Heraldry Service:

  • Recreation of Family Crests
  • Research and Drawings of Crests
  • Artistic representation of Family Trees

Allow yourself to be fascinated by your own history!
We will encourage and help you.