SHS Foundation Booster Club Charter


The SHS Foundation Booster Club has given itself the job of supporting the operations of the SHS Foundation.  The goal of the SHS Foundation is to make the Saarland known as an Economic, Scientific, Research and Cultural Region.  By these means the economic, employment structure, science and research can be strengthened and new jobs created.
The realisation of these goals should strengthen the connections to the homeland via international contacts from nationally active Saarlanders

§ 1 Name, Seat, Financial Year of the Club

(1) The club has the name "SHS Foundation Förderverein e.V."
(2) The club has its seat in Saarbrücken.
(3) The clubs year is that of a calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose of the Club

(1)The club pursues solely and directly charitable aims in the sense of the
paragraph „tax-priviledged aims“ in the revenue code.
(2) The purpose of the club is the promotion of the charitable „SHS Foundation“ which is accomplished by financial support of the „SHS Foundation“.
(3) The club acts selfless. It does not primarily follow profitable aims.

§ 3 Application of Funds

(1)  Funds of the club may only be used for purposes according to the club charter:
Members do not receive any contributions from the clubs fund.
(2) Nobody may be favoured with contributions that are not conform with the clubs aims or by unproportional allowances.

§ 4 Closing/Discontinuation of tax-priveledged aims

In the event of closing or discontinuation of tax-priviledged aims or closing of the promoted Foundation or discontinuation of the foundations tax-priviledged aims the assets are to be used for tax-priviledged aims.  Decisions regarding future use of  the assets may only be executed upon agreement of the revenue office.

§ 5 Membership

(1) Any individual or legal person that acknowledges the aims of the club can become a member. Membership is acquired upon completion of a written enrollment declaration which has to be accepted by the board.
(2) Membership ends with death, by written cancellation addressed to the board with a six month notice to the end of the billing year or by expulsion.
(3) Expulsion of a member requires the decision of three quarters of the attending members of a regular and competent general assembly.
(4) Members of the club have in the event of resignation regardless of the reason no entitlement to the club assets

§ 6 Member Fees and their usage

(1) The generall assembly can decide on charging a fee.
(2) Thrid party donations to the club shall not be used for cost coverage.

§ 7 Entities

The entities of the club are:
(1) The Executive Board,
(2) The General Assembly

§ 8 Executive Board

(1) The executive Board is made up of 7 people. These are:

  • The Chairperson
  • The Vice-Chairperson
  • The Treasurer
  • The secretary
  • 3 members

(2) They are elected for 3 years. Each member of the board has the right to step back from its position at any time without giving any reasons. The successor is to be elected at the next general assembly.
(3) The members of the board continue in their function until election of a successor.
(4) The job of the members of the executive board is on a voluntary basis.
(5) Resolutions of the executive board are passed on simple majority.

The club gets solely represented legally and extra judical by the chairperson and the vice-chairperson.

§ 9 General Assembly

(1) The general assembly is convened once per year. Apart from this the executive board can call a general assembly at any time.
(2) The executive board has to convene a general assembly if at least 5% of the members request so in written form. Summoning has to be done in written form not less than 14 days before the day of the general assembly.
(3) The summoning to the general assembly has to include an agenda for the assembly.
(4) At the yearly assembly the executive board has to present a statement of accounts. The general assembly is competent regardless of the number of the members present.
(5) Decisions that are changing the charter or the decision to close the club require a ¾ majority of the members that are present.
(6)All other decisions only require a simple majority. On an equal number of votes, the vote of the chairperson decides.
(7) All decisions must be written down. The transcript is signed by the secretary and the chairperson.
(8) Exertion of the right to vote requires

  • the appearance in person.

§ 10 Purpose and Decisions of the General Assembly

(1) The general assembly has the following purposes:

a) Election and dismissal of the executive board or of single members of the board
b) Acceptance of the statement of accounts from the executive board and discharge of the executive board,
c) Decisions on a member fee for the current and the next accounting year
d) Decision-making  on changes to the club charter
e) Decision-making on usage of available funds
f) Decision-making on closing the club

(2) It is up to the general assembly to direct the decision of the usage of funds to the executive board in general or in individual cases
(3)The Head of the general assembly is the chairperson or in case of hindrance another member of the board which is to be elected by the general assembly.
If there is no member of the board present the assembly elects one of its' members to be head of the assembly. The decisions have to be transcripted and this protocol has to be signed by the head of the assembly and the secretary.

§ 11 Delegation of Authority to the Chairperson

The executive board is authorised to remedy complaints by court or authorities regarding the club charter by modifying or adding single club charter regulations.