Competence Center „Virtuelle Saar Universität“

The Competence Center “Virtual Saar University” of the Saarland University already distinguishes itself as E-learning provider for universities, the economy and politics throughout Germany.




It’s main goal being the integration of the virtual service package into a European and ultimately an internationally accepted university education and advanced training.

Excellency in Research and Development…

…is the basis of all the E-learning applications developed by the Saarland University. By integrating internationally proven experts highly qualified content is developed in Saarbrücken and Homburg. In addition, intra- and extramural services are being offered to educational institutions, companies as well as to representatives of the public sector. Furthermore, trendsetting technologies are developed and implemented into educational, as well as teaching, learning and evaluation processes.

In 1999 the “Virtual Saar University” was established as a university network at the Saarland University with the aim of integrating new media into education and research. The tasks of the Virtual Saar University are the bundling, strategic planning, support and mentoring of relevant projects and activities in the university’s line of action. The main focus lies on the application, development, scientific monitoring, and the sustainable integration of the latest information and communication technology into education and research; subject areas such as information-infrastructure, media-didactics, quality control, law, further education and business models are treated with special attention. The VISU achieves its goals in a particular way by advising respective E-learning and learning management activities, i.e. the implementation of new media in university teaching and learning processes, as well as processes connected to the organization of the tests, exams and studies in general. For this purpose, a competence center was established and incorporated in the University. By creating the VISU the Saarland University contributes to the development of a sustainable educational region and assumes a prominent role in strategically positioning the Saarland on the European university map, as well as on the global stage.

Manifold offers and activities

The Virtual Saar University, VISU, provides information and stimulus to the University by giving lectures, hosting events and awarding grants which propel the integration of new media into university education and research. At the same time the VISU presents projects of the Saarland University at national and international congresses and conferences by giving presentations and being on location with their information stand. Since 2006, they are also the hosts of the “E-learning Day”, a highly acclaimed technical conference dedicated to the evaluation, training and learning with new media at the Saarland University. Since 2001, the VISU subsidy award “New Media in Education”, as well as the “Best Practice Award” are still rewarded on a biennial basis. A selection committee made up of representatives from economy, science and politics bestows relevant projects and developments with these awards every two years.

Strategic Implementation of Pilot solutions

Through further strategic measures in the past few years an important impetus has been given to the innovative development and structural implementation of digital learning and teaching processes, as well as learning-management processes at the Saarland University. In the scope of the promotional program “Incentive Orientation E-learning” more than 70 projects are and have been subsidized with an estimated 350,000 Euro since 2006 for the development and the implementation of multimedia-based E-learning applications for academic studies and further education. Additionally, the “CHELM - Coordination Center Homburg for E-learning in Medicine” was founded in 2006 at the medical faculty of the University clinic in Homburg/Saar. Furthermore, the federal state government will support the implementation of the learning-management-system CLIX Campus, as well as the authoring-tool Lecturnity Campus until the end of the winter semester 2007/08. At the beginning of 2007the jointly financed project “Study Finder” was initiated by the Saarland University and the federal state government. In the scope of this project virtual assessments for sixth formers were developed, facilitating the choice of studies at the Saarland University and increasing individual suitability.

Europe is the Aim 

With the assistance and guidance of the VISU all universities of the Saarland are jointly going to form the Saarland’s initiative “eCampus Saar”. In addition to this a co-operation between the university regions of Trier/Saarland/West-Palatinate and also the Saar-Lor-Lux region is aimed at implementing technology-based innovations into academic studies, education and advanced training. The main aim is the integration into a European and ultimately an internationally accepted university education and advanced training, which puts the functional symbiosis of the virtual and the real world into the center of their endeavors. More information on the Virtual Saar University at the Saarland University, the Competence Center, as well as access to the E-learning offers and the learning-management-system CLIX Campus can be found on the Internet portal of the Virtual Saar University.


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