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Since establishment in 1959 the area of expertise of Josef Raesch GmbH has been primarily in the trade, production and service of Environmental Technology, Pipes and Pipelines.

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 As a renowned wholesaler of pipes and pipeline fittings we are (among others) a partner of the public utility industry, waste management industry, pipe manufacturers, civil engineers, industrial enterprises, mining industry, trade industry, local authorities, public institutions plus our numerous private customers.
Our own carpark and large well organised warehouse assure the quickest delivery.

Ecological objectives are at the forefront of services offered by RAESCH. We specialise in the detection and location of areas of water and energy loss within underground water supply networks, long distance heating systems and domestic electrical installations. For such applications we use methods including “pressure testing”, “water loss analysis”, “correlation analysis”, “infrared thermography”, “permanent monitoring systems” and “early warning systems”.

In addition to detection, evaluation and quantitative analysis of heat loss in buildings, infrared thermography can monitor the load status of electrical equipment. In the interest of a permanent quality management system RAESCH Environmental Technology is a member of the “Federal Association of Applied Thermography” (Bundesverband für Angewandte Thermografie, VATh).

All operators of drinking water systems are required to comply with the high hygiene standards set by the new German Drinking Water Ordinance 2001 (TrinkwV 2001). RAESCH Environmental Technology specialises in monitoring, cleaning and disinfection of elevated water tanks, water pipe systems, air conditioning systems and swimming pools (e.g. disposal of legionella). The extent and timing of measures taken are determined after analysis of drinking or swimming pool water, in accordance with the applicable DIN or EN ISO standards.
RAESCH Environmental Technology operates a repair facility for water meters and fittings (for example: gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, safety valves and pressure reduction valves) and a state accredited calibration centre for water meters. Safety valves are calibrated to standards as set by the “Technical Inspection Association” (Technischer Überwachungsverein, TÜV).

RAESCH Environmental Technology is member of “Environmental Pact Saar” (Umweltpakt Saar), and thus willingly conforms with any legally required measures that are enforced in order to lower environmental impacts.

Products and Services:
• fittings for public utility and waste disposal industries
• long-distance data transmissions
• disinfection of air conditioners
• disinfection of water pipe lines
• supply of disinfectants for water and water pipe networks
• disinfection dosing equipment (mobile and permanent)
• pressure tests
• moisture level measurement / video Inspections
• liquid gas
• joint sealant tape
• diagnostics of buildings / thermography
• cleaning of elevated water tanks
• hydrological measuring instruments
• correlation analysis
• corrosion protection material
• removal of legionella
• pipeline location
• repair and calibration of water meters
• repair and maintenance of shut-off valves and fittings
• repair and maintenance of control valves and fittings
• repair and maintenance of safety valves and fittings
• detection and location of pipeline breaks
• pipes (cast iron, steel, plastic)
• pipe network monitoring
• drinking water and swimming pool water analysis
• environmental technology
• hot water meters
• water meters


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