Sunera GmbH

Profitable objects of investment and reduction in cost. Non-polluting power generation and energy saving

This is our answer to the exploding energy prices and the climate change.

Renewable power generation

The Sunera GmbH is a planning and projecting corporation for renewable energies and energy saving. All services, which are necessary to accomplish a renewable energy plant, belong to our assignment. These are services from the areas of technology, project management and economic viability.

Based on the statutorily regulated feed-in compensation, the environment-friendly power generation plants for solar energy, wind power and biomass can be used profitably.

The activities for energy savings become more and more economically, if you consider the rising energy prices and the up-market statutory targets.

Vendor independence and objective

The Sunera GmbH is independent of the producer, that’s why we can offer you an objective service for the implementation of these projects. Thus the customer receives the suitable technology and concept.
If requested, the Sunera GmbH compiles studies of potential, plannings, private and public invitations of tenders, prognoses of profitability and finance advising.

Focus solar electricity plants

The Sunera GmbH implements photovoltaics plants for private and public clients. The Sunera GmbH offers the attainment of solar electricity plant with additional capital of investors as an auxiliary service.

Roofs and open spaces are searched

Basically the Sunera GmbH searches for roofs and open spaces, which can be used for the installation of solar electricity plants based on a lease contract.

Focus energy saving

The Sunera GmbH offers you energy concepts for a useful exploitation of energy saving potentialities. All possible measures are studied and economically evaluated.
This reaches from heat insulation to a heating renewal to the use of thermal power station (BHKW) or wooden heating plants.
Self-evident, we support our customers in the implementation phase.

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